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Rio De Janeiro

sunny 40 °C

edit4.jpglast week i spent 5 days in Rio De Janeiro with Enrico and his family. it was absolutely amazing and i cant even find words to describe it!
we took a bus to Rio from Campinas which took about 6 hours and arrived in Rio at night. we drove through the city and i held back tears as i looked at how amazing and beautiful everything was.
we had great weather and pleanty of sun every day we were there.
we spent our days going to to beach, the pool, sunbaking and just having lots of fun.
while i was there i went to the 'Cristo Redentor' (christ the redeemer) statue, and it was just amazing. breathtaking!!! it was a perfect day and the view looking over Rio was one of the most beautiful things i have ever seen in my life. its something you cant understand untill you see it.
I also had the chance to go to Paõ De Açúcar (sugar loaf mountain) and again it was absolutely beautiful. Amongst the violence and the poverty, im convinced that Rio De Janeiro is the most beautiful city in the entire world. and i hope that one day my life will be there.
i also got to do lots of other great things- the Hippie Fair in Ipanema, Daniela Mercury live on Copacobana beach, shopping and so much more.
every day that i was there was just so great and i know that i have seen some of the most amazing and beautiful things in the whole world. i have seen things i will never never forget.

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not much...

me.jpghi everyone!
just a quick note to let you all know that i am still alive and still loving Brasil!!!
my easter here was great, and i had a serious overload of chocolate! easter here is very much the same as it is in australia, people give each other chocolate, but i didnt see one chocolate bunny like the ones they have at home. the chocolate here is great but i think Cadbury cant be beaten!
my birthday was really great! i got lots of presents and went out to a pizza place with my friends and sister at night. i think its the first birthday of my life where i havnt seen either of my parents! i feel like a really old 17 year old! its definately a birthday to remember. and there is nowhere else in the world i would have rather been!
lately i have been going to school- every day! its really quite boring! and my lessons are spent either sleeping, trying to understand or writing letter and sending them across the classroom!!! so i look foward to comming home and having lunch!
in the afternoons i walk with friends or go to have icecream, there is always something to do!
everyone looks foward to the weekend and my friends and i go to a balada (like a dance party) or a bbq or i just hang out with rico.
the weather here is still really hot, but im really enjoying the sun!- despite having lots of sunburn!
the food here is sooo good! so im eating lots as well!
everything is going great and i cant believe i have been here for three months already. everything is going sooo fast!

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On Monday I had my first day of school!
i was really nervous but everything turned out to be fine and the people are so friendly and welcoming!
for me school starts at 7.30am. but my school is literally across the road, so when i hear the bell go i can walk downstairs and cross the street and im there! its very convienant!!!
we have 6 lessons every day each for 45 minutes. its all theoretical subjects like maths, chemistry, physics, biology, portuguese, english, history, georgraphy and literature. but the timetable is horrible- today i had triple maths and tomorrow triple history.
all the teachers are very friendly and all have greeted me with a kiss and hug! its very different to australia!
there are 50 students in my class and only ever one teacher, but its different to australia because all the teacher does in the lesson is write on the blackboard and teach. usually in class we dont do any work apart from copying what is on the board. but people study a lot and work hard. and at my school the people in my class have to go to school some saturday mornings for exams. im glad i get to sleep in!
i dont understand much that the teacher talks about but its ok! i finish school at 12.30 so its only half the day! and its not that bad!
im enjoying the social side!

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São Paulo Subway


a few weeks ago my sister and i were heading to a gallery via the subway. i obviously didnt prepare myself well enough for the experience because it took me so long after to calm down and get my heart rate back to normal afterwards!
the São Paulo subway carries almost 4 million people every day (just over the population of Melbourne) and my sister and i travelled at about 9am, so it was peak hour. i can honestly say that apart from television i have never seen so many people in one place before. i cant even explain it! everywhere you look there are people running, walking, screaming, shouting, talking, looking, jumping, reading, doing graffiti, ... everything you could possibly imagine goes on in the subway!! so not only were we travelling in peak hour but we choose a day where the weather was 35degrees outside (and when you combine 15 thousand people and a small confined area, you wouldnt beleive how high the temperature climbs!)
so before we wntered the subway, i was given the 'rules'...dont let go of my hand, dont open your bag, dont talk on a cell phone (incase it is stolen), dont talk about money, be careful etc etc.
once we got into the subway my heart started pounding so fast and i was so out of breath, i was sweating and so worked up! it was almost to much to handle! i was scared and excited and amazed and nervous all at the same time, and there is just people everywhere that it is hard to move. on the actual 'train' is the same they cram as many people as can fit inside. although i was totally amazed by the experience all i wanted was to get out of there!! and once i was fially back into daylight i had to sit down for 10 minutes to calm down!
i was so relieved to catch a taxi home!!

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São Paulo...

the most amazing place in the world.

overcast 34 °C

P1318391.jpgim in São Paulo for a few nights and i have to say that it is the most amazing place i have ever seen in my life. i love everything from the beautiful people and places to the dirty streets and dangerous sidewalks. São Paulo has a kind of air to it that makes me feel so amazed. It is a concrete jungle, and looking up its hard to see the sky amongst all the buildings. everywhere you look there is people, graffiti, rubbish and absolute style. São Paulo is a place where anyone and everyone fits in, people dont understand steryotypes or cliques and that is something that makes it the most amazing place in the world. of course amongst all the beautiful people there are constant reminders of Brasil's poverty and children sleep in cardboard boxes in the streets and beg for money from cars waiting at the traffic lights. i think that everywhere in Brasil are the very very rich and the very very poor, and this side is hard to witness first hand. But it is every element of this amazing city that makes it what it is and why i have totally fallen in love with it.
the picture is just ut of my window last night

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